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Chief Doctor of the department: PhD. I has started in and since it has been functioning as the gastroenterology Internal Medicine Department. The care of the gastrointestinally bleeding patients has been launched in within the on-call system of Budapest and for the first time in Budapest a gastrointestinal sub-intensive unit was set up in The renovation of the in-patient department took place inin a new endoscope lab was set up that fulfils the diabetes and endocrinology associates of the 21st Century 4 air-conditioned, radiation safety examining rooms and a gastroenterology clinic diabetes and endocrinology associates 4 rooms was built in a new location with totally new equipment.

In 6 new sub-intensive supervision rooms have been set up, and the wards and sanitary rooms have been also partially renovated. This device means a great improvement in recognizing and prevention of the cancer of the large intestine. We possess all the therapeutic opportunities to handle everything from the first complaint to the endoscopic surgeries and minimal invasive interventions in close cooperation with the Surgery Department. All colonoscopy takes place with narcotization but we also execute the examinations with anaesthesia if ordered by the doctor.

Cooperation among the institutes: Our patients come from different hospitals from Budapest and from the different diabetes and endocrinology associates of the country as between and only our institute carried out endoscopic ultrasound examination in Budapest in our endoscope lab and in an excessive number. The cooperation is close with the Surgery Clinic No. We examine patients regularly at the request of gastroenterology and surgery departments from Budapest and diabetes and endocrinology associates rest of Hungary.

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Educational and scientific activities: The department has full accreditation in the basic and partial training of medical specialists in internal medicine and gastroenterology. Since September we train paramedics regularly as the assigned education department of the Semmelweis University. Since the existence of the department several internal medicine specialist and gastroenterology specialist obtained their qualification here.

In the last 7 years the department produced 6 internal medicine specialists and 5 gastroenterology diabetes and endocrinology associates. The training of the specialists is also currently underway and the department takes part partially based on a hospital application in the training of residents.

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The department published several articles and publications. Number of doctors: Currently 5 gastroenterology specialists 3 permanent doctors and 2 part-time doctors with contracts take care of the special tasks 2 gastroenterology specialists and 2 internal medicine specialists are on maternity leave.

A hour gastroenterology specialist on-call system takes care of the gastrointestinal acute bleedings and is available in case of other problems requiring the help of specialist doctors. Number of professional workers: 28 qualified nurses take care of the nursing duties under the lead of 4 nurses with degrees.

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The head nurse is the nursing vice-director of the hospital. There are three qualified assistants in the endoscope lab and two in the specialized clinic. Specialist clinic for Respiratory Medicine and Bronchology: There is the specialist clinic for respiratory medicine and bronchology beside the gastroenterology clinics.

All the latest invasive bronchoscopy, transthoracalic biopsy and non-invasive examinations are available for our patients. We are capable of the complex examination and therapy of all respiratory diseases — including lung cancer — with the most modern devices and methods.

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Internal Medicine Training Department No. During the past years the modernization of the wards has taken place, most of the wards have separate bathrooms. The clinics and the unit providing cure-like treatment constitute a significant part of the operation of our department. The angiology clinic is located on Floor II of Building H, the patients with vascular problems are welcomed by modern facilities.

The Diabetology and the Endocrinology clinics operate in Building D. On average our department is visited by 2, inpatients annually.

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The endocrinology, the diabetology and the angiology all operate as inpatient units with progressivity level III. The number of visitors of our clinics is significant and has a growing tendency throughout the years.

The angiologic cure-like therapy is popular, ca.

Our department operates as one of the diabetology centres of the capital. The diabetes is a really common disease, the treatment takes place usually within the GP system but the patients requiring insulin and the patients with adverse reactions often need hospital or specialized clinic treatment.

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There are 6 diabetology specialist doctors in our department, the 2 external colleagues working in the clinic also possess specialized qualification in this field. It is an important circumstance that the dietetic specialist of the department morshin kezelés cukorbetegség 5 diabetology specialized nurses are all at our help.

During the diabetes treatment we carry out the diabetology treatment of pregnant women suffering from gestational diabetes, this obviously mostly takes place in the clinic. Twice a week we operate a special diabetes leg clinic where the external colleagues provide a lot of help for diabetic people with leg problems. This is also where the patients receive the special diabetic protective or corrective shoes. In connection with the diabetology activities we also operate the North-Hungarian Neuropathy Centre where we accept diabetic patients based on a waiting list twice a week and treat them with neuropathic problems and symptoms.

The angiology treatment has a great tradition in our hospital, there are also internal medicine activities in our department. It means great assistance that the whole scope of the treatment of the people with diabetes and endocrinology associates problems can be accessed within the hospital.

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The patients can go to angiology examinations or to radiology intervention or to a vascular surgical intervention after a short waiting time. It meant a significant progress in the internal medicine treatment of the people with vascular problems that we have requested years ago the operation of a daytime hospital unit that was approved and this provided the ground for the cure-like treatment of today.

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We accept the patients after prior registration, for an day period within the framework of this cure-like treatment. In all cases the cardiovascular diabetes and endocrinology associates are revealed and if necessary they are treated properly. The patients receive diabetic consultation, if necessary they are also taught the basics of the vascular gymnastics. Mainly patients with lower limb obliterative vascular sclerosis are treated in the angiology clinic but we diabetes and endocrinology associates treat patients with chronic venous insufficiency, deep venour thrombosis or Raynaud-disease.

The number of chronic lymphoedemic people is growing on whom we carry out ambulanter lymphopress-treatment. Our department kezelés túrós cukorbetegség also one of the hypertension and lipidology centre of the capital.

Azonban a fenotípus heterogenitása és a tumorszindrómák modellezésében alkalmazott állatmodellekben észlelt daganatok változatossága felvetik, hogy egyéb genetikai módosító tényezők is szerepet játszanak a fenotípus alakításában. A legtöbb adat a mellékvesevelőből kiinduló phaeochromocytómák genetikai hátteréről áll rendelkezésünkre.

It is not surprising that we were awarded the qualification of Cardiometabolic Centre a few years ago. Basically the individual components of our recent activities are mixed in this award.

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As an acknowledgment of the regular educational activity the Internal Medicine Department No. The scientific field of the department is in connection with the diabetology. We have carried out several clinical examinations about which we made presentations in national and international congresses. The head of the department was the secretary of the Hungarian Diabetes Society then president of samelater vice-president The head of department is member of the management of the Hungarian Internal Medicine Society and the Hungarian Hypertension Society, chief doctor in the capital diabetes and endocrinology associates the field of internal medicinecommission member of the Medical Department of the Hungarian Scientific Academy, member of the ETT ISZT, court expert in medicine, president of the Scientific Committee.

The head of department was the member of the Internal Medicine Professional group in two periods, then from the president of the Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism diseases unit of the Professional group.

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The following member of the department obtained the PhD. Title during the recent years: Dr. Internal Medicine Department No.

Imre Zárday and built on great tradition started a new era in the field of the cardiology by setting up the first coronary supervision in Hungary and continued the diabetes and endocrinology associates of professor Dr. Gyula Kerkovits under the lead of Dr.

Károly Zámolyi from In the field of the examination of heart diseases besides continuing the work of the already operating Holter- and stress ECG lab, the operation spread out and new, non-invasive methods have been introduced. From the creation of the heart and peripheral catheter lab has reformed the marking of the coronary artery, the neck vascular marking and the peripheral angiographies and the perfection of the invasive diagnostic procedure and also the therapeutic toolset acute infarct treatment, opportunity for the implantation of a stent and with this it joined the centres offering the most modern cardiology treatment.

We can fulfil the diabetes and endocrinology associates of greater Budapest and the surrounding towns and villages with the coronary artery marking and if necessary with the therapeutic intervention performed on every day of the week. Since January our catheter lab has joined the other 5 centres forming the unit that takes care of infarct in on-call schedule in Budapest and operates in 24 hours a day and treats the patients with acute myocardial infarct.

In our coronary supervision ICE was modernized and our therapeutic toolset has been supplemented with new modern beds, 10 new monitors and artificial respiration machine.