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Dr. Sipka Róbert

Version 1 app has been developed for a clinical trial in London, UK for people who are at high risk of type 2 diabetes. This Version, 1.

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The theoretical framework behind nujjer incorporates planned behaviour for initiation of behaviour change, and motivational interviewing to support participants in forming healthy intentions. This encourages self-monitoring of lifestyle behaviours and provides biofeedback on behaviours.

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The objective of the clinical trial is to demonstrate that nujjer, a digital behaviour change intervention, encourages the user to increase their activity levels, decrease their weight and reduce their risk level of type 2 diabetes.

Following the trial, we expect this solution to be tailored for use by healthcare systems e. When CRAVE and LAPSE functions in the app enable users to ask for support and encouragement, or be distracted, when feeling particularly vulnerable to a relapse of their lifestyle change.

Nujjer learns over time what helps each individual in different situations to avoid lapses and how to predict a situation in which a crave is more likely.

The app displays both day view and week view charts for the user to compare their activity, sleep and events. The app also enables users to enter specific goals around weight and daily step count.

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These are logged and further goals can be set over the course of using the nujjer app and nujjer wristband. The user will receive messages directing diabetes course nhs to different modules over the course of the 12 month trial.

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The app is only functional when connected to a nujjer wristband.